Friday, July 11, 2014

We've Been Busy...

Mom is not very good at keeping this blog going and we can't really do it without her, sans thumbs and all... So here's a review in pics.
Mom Dressed us in matching Halloween costumes and took us trick or treating with the boy.
I, Scruffy, was not very pleased.        
We took a ride in the truck with Dad.
I, Mr. Fox, just can't bear to sit.  I need to SEE what's going on.
  Oh, this feels so good but Mom didn't let it go on very long.  Worry wart.
We laid in Mom's lap every chance we got.  

We got a big ass ole backyard visitor.  Dad says they are his friends and he hides bowls of water for them up on the wall.  Mom is totally freaked out by this.  East coast people do not like raccoons!
Then we had THE BEST visitor of all - GRANDMA!!!  Who do you know who gets off an airplane with a pocket full of dog cookies!  She rocks!
I showed her the proper way a Fox loves up a Grandma and when she stopped rubbing me even for one second I let her know about it!
Like this Grandma.  I must be ALL over you!
Mom's brother, Uncle Chris, also came to visit when he was nearby on a business trip.  Shaggy the cat loves him but I, Mr. Fox made sure to find a way to make his leg a pillow.
Grandma, aka Terrier Groomer, groomed me, Scruffy.  You can see how I thrilled I was.  She told mom that I had definitely been on a grooming table before.

Help me.
We got baths and I, Scruffy, got a lot of them because the Dogter says I'm an 'allergy' dog and need them once a week.  Seriously... I need this?  Like a hole in the head I tell ya.
I am a cute soapy little thing, aren't I?!
Yum, Yum, Yum!  MORE!  NOW!
That's me, Scruffy, scarfing down green beans and Mr. Fox having no part of them. Yippee!  More for me!!
Get that away from me.
We slept...

And slept...
And chewed holes in Mom's bedspread... We can't help it - we were just de-stuffing!
What? Is there something wrong with this???
We also went for WALKIES!!
Scruffy saw a squirrel!
I, Mr. Fox, thought it more fun to leave pee mail!
Mom tried to take a selfie with me - but I can't sit still.   I just HAD to lick her nose.  I love her so much!
She also took a selfie with Shaggy - notice he isn't kissing her like I was... Just sayin'
He probably didn't kiss her because she furminated all this fur off him and then gave him the dreaded bath and wrapped him up in that towel below.

He still brought trash for the humans and rolled on the ground to dirty himself up again.
Damn dogs - they chase us - especially my sleepy brother Scooby.
Some kids at Mom's school found this little puppy. 
Look at those blue eyes!
He spent the whole day in Mom's classroom.  She taught the kids while he slept in her lap and she carried him and gave him a ball to play with.  Our mom loves the 4 legged creatures.  She couldn't let him roam the streets.
She brought him home for a night until he found a good home. He slept like this on car ride.
I, Mr. Fox, let him know who was boss.  I peed on him!
We tolerated him... because we had no choice.
Mr. Fox went for walkies with Mom while I stayed home with Dad.  My short legs get tired and all I do is look back for him the whole way and mom has to carry me part of the way. 
Mom said she wasn't taking me, Mr. Fox on her walk with her new sneakers.  I was mad.  She changed her mind.
In fact, I love my daddy so much that I sleep under his desk until he comes home.  Then I wiggle and bark and cry when I hear his truck pull up.
Mom was busy finishing this cross stitch picture of the civil war soldiers. She can't post a pic of the finished product because it's for Uncle Chris and he wants the first time he sees it to be a surprise.  She says this is her excuse for not blogging.
Mom was also VERY busy working on her National Board Certification for Teaching.  She won't know if she passed until Christmas.  Poor thing.  Well, this was really her excuse for keeping away from blogging.  She'd had it with 'thinking'!
Thanks for hanging in there on this long one!  (I make a cute BatDog don't I?!)  
Mr. Fox & Scruffy
ps - We will try and get mom to help us post a little more.


  1. Wow, you had a lot of news to share.

    1. Yes we did and mom always has that camera ready!

  2. Love to read about your furry babies' adventures. Great picture of Shaggy wrapped in a towel.

  3. You have been busy. We're happy to hear you're okay and enjoying life....well, except for all the baths and having to wear clothes and stuffs. SHE used to have a pet raccoon, so SHE likes them. Your Grandma sounds like a fangtastic woman. Thinkin' of treats....WOW!

    We hope your mum gets her Certification so she can blog more of your adventures.

    We're glad that pup found a home.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

    1. We don't have quite the fun you do with a river and all that but we make the best of it. Dad would LOVE to have a raccoon as a pet. He'd be very jealous of HER! Mom's going to visit Grandma soon. We don't get to go on the plane :( We want mom to pass her test too cause it will mean she has more money for dog treats!!

  4. What's this frequent bath thing and "terrier groomer". I think I'll stick to the blog instead of visit in the furs. However, you do have green beans-it's a tough decision.

    1. Only Poor Scruffy gets the frequent baths. We would share our green beans with you if we met you in the furs. You could have Fox's share!