Monday, September 1, 2014

Long Weekend Sickies

Poor Mommy and kid had the sickies all weekend.  Something called bronchitis.  I was on the case though and took good care of my Mommy because I love her sooooooooo much.

I laid on top of her in bed.

I got comfy next to her and kept a good watch.

I slept at her feet.

I got big doses of love.

I gave her 'the look' that says 'MORE TREATS NOW!  I HAVE BEEN A GOOD BOY!'
And she hooked me up!  That's my morning top off after my jumbone and beggin strip!  ps - Scruffy stole one but it's ok cause I love her too.

Enjoy your Labor Day!
Love, Mr. Fox


  1. Hello Mr Fox. Good job. I'm on sicky duty too. My mom's under da weather so I'm snuggled up wiff her (and I hardly never snuggle).
    I'm gonna hit her up for a treat (thanks for da idea)

    1. Good boy Ranger! Go starting begging for treats! Cuddles must be rewarded.

  2. OMD! Don't your peeps know they're not supposed to get sick on HOLIDAYS? Well, we're glad you were there to do the nursing duties.

    SHE was unwell on Sunday, but we just kept lookin' at HER wondering when we were going for a walk....AND we never did. (Yes, the world does revolve around us.)

    1. Poor peep, she had no clue. Just laid there like a lump coughing. No walkies here either. Hopefully you guys will make it to the river and SHE is feeling better.

  3. If you get food because the peep is sick, how can I make Them sick?

    1. To make Them sick send Them to a place called Chuck E Cheese or have them spend time with school kids. Mommy is sure it's one of these two! Then it's treat's galore!