Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Sweater....

A few years ago when I was visiting my family in NJ/NY for Christmas, I found this great sweater at the Eddie Bauer outlet while shopping with my sister.  It's a light weight, yet warm sweater with wintery designs on it.  I could grab it to go out to the store or wear it to work in the cool mornings or, on a walk with my Foxy boy.

I had always hung this sweater on the wonderful hooks Husband hung in the entryway.  Mr. Fox, in all his nutjobness, has pulled on the jackets, including my sweater, so hard that the hooks were pulled right out of the wall.  Mr. Fox did this THREE times!! Crackpot dog!  Since it's summer, I haven't been wearing jackets and I had stashed them all in one of the closets.  Today, I grabbed my Eddie Bauer sweater and went out the door to my training, where the air conditioning made for a cold room, but I was ready! 

I had noticed a small hole in the hood and thought to myself, 'Oh, how cute, a hole from where Fox pulled it off the hook.'  Imagine my surprise, and everyone else who was with me, when I put my sweater on and saw this:

Boy did we have a good laugh over that!!  Of course someone said they would get rid of that dog, but I just love him to bits!!  He's got personality!  Yep, just enough to help me declutter my house and closets!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

In the Driver's Seat

Mr. Fox loves a car ride.  He willingly jumps in the car to anywhere.  We went to a park in Redondo Beach to play when I took this picture.  You can see Foxy doesn’t like to ride as the passenger.  He wants to be where the action is taking place.  So he made his way onto my lap in the driver’s seat and then sat there with his paws on my legs and the door.  This was fine until his paw pushed the driver’s side window button and the window went down.  Apparently the window lock button doesn’t lock the driver’s window!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Emailing Dog?

I saw this email to my mother in my mailbox.  I think he may be gifted - he can type!!
Hi Grandma!!!
I loooove mommy's side of the bed!  She is the best to snuggle with!  That boy wants to love me and pick me up but he doesn't know how and I have to make a funny noise to let him know.  He still doesn't get it.  I loooooove my walks too!  I am a crazy ass on the leash when we first go out the gate and then all the way around the corner past the house with the barky dogs.  I don't care how much that thing on my neck chokes me!  I need help.  Mommy says I have issues :/  I don't know what that means but I don't think it's good.  Can I tell you a secret???  Mommy makes me my very own food!  I hate that canned shit and mommy even sits with me sometimes so I eat.  Probably because of my 'issues'?  I like to chase Shaggy because he lets me catch him and sit on his back.  He makes a noise but I don't care; he's a little bigger than me so maybe if I do this I can show him I'm the top dog!  I am sooo happy mommy saved me because I had to hunt for food on the street and now my old instincts come back when I search through balled up napkins and tissues for crumbs.  But I'm really happy because I have a good place to sleep, food and water when I want it, treats and lots of love.  I hope I meet you soon because I hear you're the best dog lover ever even though mommy always says you'll be appalled when you see me on the leash!  I love you grandma!
Your Eighth Grandson,
Mr. Fox

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Things You Do

You chase your tail....  poor demented soul.

You make looooong pees before you go to bed and look at me while you're doing it as if to say, 'aaahhh, that feels good!'

You steal paper, any kind of paper: napkins, paper towels, writing paper, wrappers and boxes things came in.  While doing this you look at me with a mischievous look and then run.

You've learned what drop it means and obey reluctantly.  I think you do it just for the treat!

You eat toys - thank you so much as I've been able to throw many away!  Your favorite are Jenga blocks.

You lay in my lap any chance you get.

You love to lick our toes and Daddy hates it but I kinda like it.  Little T loves that you lick his hands as it makes him feel loved.

You follow me into the bathroom and then bark because I closed the door.  Don't you know I need some privacy?

You bark and pull like a total nut job very badly during the first block of our walk.  It is very embarrassing, very.  You don't stop even when I spray you with water or tell you to be quiet.  You get a little better along the way and are the best walker on the way back.

You scare the other dogs.  You met a sweet little chihuahua being walked by a cute little teenager and instead of nicely sniffing her you jumped up and barked in her face.  She wanted no part of you and backed away.  This is not the way to make friends little boy.

You tolerate Little T and all of his, um... tortuous loving.

You pee on everything on our walk even when you have no pee left! 

You finally make normal poops that are not mushy but your farts could kill someone!  I have to google 'how to get rid of dog farts' and see what I get!

You growl like you're going to bite Daddy if he tries to take you off the bed when you're lying in it with me.  Such a protective puppy.

You like to sleep under the covers with me by my feet.

You are soooo cute when you're asleep!

You give me your belly, the minute I say, 'How's the puuuuuuppyyyy?' in my baby voice.  So cute this is!

Your ears go back when you're happy and want some loving.

You swim in the pool, although only to get out as fast as you can.  Then you run around the pool over and over barking madly at anyone who is in the pool.
You've sneaked out of the yard a few times but you always come back.  In fact, you did it while I was typing this and you were barking at the bad neighbor down the street.  Thankfully you came as soon as I called you.  It's always our fault-you went out with Daddy and he thought you were right behind him this morning.  Now I'm sure the police will arrive and give me an off leash ticket.  Ugh...

You are a very neat doggy and I'm a little worried about what grandma is going to say when she meets you.  I can hear the comments now:  'Why couldn't you get a dog like Sylvia or Dakota?  They're such nice dogs.'  She will be appalled by the way you walk on the leash.  She used to obedience train her dogs and they were good!  You, not so much but we love you anyway!!