Sunday, September 8, 2013


They shaved me!  Look at me.  
I heard Mommy say to Daddy she was going to cut my furs so I'd be cooler in all this heat.  He said, you need the clippers.  She said where are they and next thing I know Daddy is going to town with those things while Mommy is holding me trying to act like she's comforting me.  OMD!  I didn't mind so much until Daddy shaved my head.  He took of my eyebrows!!! Mommy was NOT happy and neither was I.  Thank Dogness they gave me this good treat.  I thought it was all over but a few hours later they gave me a BATH!!! 

The DeScruffified Scruffy

Friday, July 12, 2013

I Spy a Scottie

Since Kyla was just getting started looking at all my mother's Scottie's, I spied some more. 

That's me ad my mom on my wedding day. Oh and some Scottie's. 

Phew.... That's a lot of Scotties. Do your peeps have that many Scottie's?  Or more?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mom the Dog Lover

A true dog lover my mother is; so much so she keeps dog cookies on her kitchen table and she doesn't even have a dog. She keeps the cookies for the dog who lives behind her.  Now she says that doggy tries to jump the fence to see her. I'm not surprised because even though she has dog cookies she is also the best person. Everyone loves her. She's also the original Scottie lover in this house and she has lots of Scottie stuff. See... Here's some of it. 

There's more but I'll spare you. PS I just figured it how to blog from my iPhone. Oh Boy. Hope you all had a good fourth and the Aussies aren't too cold with their winter yet. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I put the pups in the pool the other day.  They weren't too happy.  Well, Mr. Fox accepted it and swam like a little otter and looked adorable.  Scruffy... not so much.  Her little paws splashed in the water and she was very unhappy.  Poor thing is not a graceful swimmer. 

As soon as Scruffy got out of the pool she ran to the husband and jumped in his lap.  She wasn't having any part of me since I'm the one that put her in.  Poor girl.  I just want her to know how to get out in case she falls in.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Low Life's

I feel like we are a bunch of low life's over here.  Look at what the damn dogs sweet furballs did to the quilt on my bed.

I know Mr. Fox did this bit of destruction because I caught him and he came up with white fluff on his nose.  Do you know I paid a lot of money for that quilt?  UGH...  This is just one hole.  See that white blanket on top?  Well we put that one on top of the purple one so this wouldn't happen.  That white one is full of little holes and the both of those damn dogs sweet furballs have been destuffing it also.  What you don't see is the sheet we USED to keep on top of the white blanket to protect both blankets from fur.  One morning when we shook it out to make the bed there was a giant hole in the middle of it.  That's when the husband yelled, "That's it, I am never having another animal when these dogs and cats die!"  I know that sucker my sweet husband didn't mean it.  We'll always have some stray critter.  And this is why we are low life's - because my bed looks like shit and I refuse to spend money making it pretty again.  People will come over and they can think I'm a low life with a holy bed.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Look at this.... That's a cookie in Mr. Fox's mouth.

Here's ANOTHER cookie on the floor.
Now they BOTH felt they had to have SAME cookie - the one Mr. Fox had.  I guess it's too difficult to get the abandoned cookie from the floor? 
After Fox ate that cookie I gave Scruffy the one from the floor and this is what she did.
OMD!!! Are you kidding me???
By the way, these two were given those cookies by the husband first thing in the morning and I took these pictures at four in the afternoon.  I watched Fox in the morning taunt Scruffy with the cookie in his mouth, rubbing it on her face and trying to get her to take it.  She'd get it and then growl ferociously if he came near.  Then somehow he'd get it back and they'd do all again.  I couldn't believe they still had these things after I'd been out all day.  Do you know what this means??  I will tell you what this means.  It means I have spoiled dogs!!  So spoiled with treats that they don't think they need to eat them right away!  I mean, when someone puts cookies in front of me, I eat them.  All.  Quickly.  In 5 seconds, not 5 hours.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I know, I know, it's been a looong time since I posted something.  Here's what we've been up to in pictures.

My mom came to visit for the whole month of March! You only get to see her feet because she will not have her face on the internet.  We took the doggies for walks and Scruffy managed to escape her martingale collar when I sent Mom & Scruffy back to the house without me and Foxy!  My poor mother screamed while Scruffy ran right back to me.

Scruffy got lovings from her grandma.
Shaggy made a nuisance of himself by laying on the kitchen table.  He only does this when grandma's here because that's where she sits and reads her book every morning.

All the animals got cozy with me.

Then my Tyger decided to join the fun.

Fox took one of usual positions on my butt.  Can you guess the general theme?  Laziness!!

Tyger fell asleep on the couch one night and was joined by the puppers. 

Easter morning came!
I let Tyger use my watch and Mr. Fox somedoggy ate it!

Shaggy got comfy with the husband.

Notice the dirty paws from trash hunting.

I crocheted this blanket for my mother.

Too much time crocheting and not enough time blogging...
Mr. Fox licked my toes as a nice Mother's Day present.  I felt loved.
I picked up the cross stitch after the blanket was done.  My brother has been waiting a long time for me to finish this thing.  Now I'm determined.
Scruffy Somedoggy chewed a hole in the feather pillow.  We woke up and thought the cat dropped a dead bird in the bed. 
Tyger turned 9 and I attempted to make him Lego cakes. 
He got the Lego he really wanted!
This was cake on his actual b'day.  The others for when his pals came over.

Poor Mr. Fox got a bath.  It was an event for him.  Poor Scruffy gets them a lot more because she gets itchy and that's what the vet said to do for her.

Scruffy is happy with her toys while laying on the bear rug.

Mr. Fox looked like a victim cute after Tyger stuck a paid sticker from the grocery store on his collar.
Last week I got stung by a bee and this is the result.  Day 2,3,4,5 clockwise from top left.  I went to the doctor only because everyone told me to and I was embarrassed thinking I wasted his time.  He gave me an epi pen just in the case next bee sting results in a much worse reaction. 
Now that I'm on summer vacation maybe I will blog more.  I am headed to NJ to see my family with Tyger for two weeks in July and we both can't wait.  Leaving the husband home with dogs and cats.  I'm sure it will be a vacation of sorts for him too.