Sunday, December 16, 2012


You may know that I love Scotties and their blogs too!  I may have also mentioned that I grew up with two cute Scotties and my mother is a true Scottie lover.  She travels to visit us kids so she doesn't have a Scottie right now but it's because of her that the love of the Scottie has seeped into my soul. 

Robbie was our first Scottie.  He was the big boy in the litter and we drove about an hour and half from our house in NJ to upstate NY.  I will never forget my mother telling my father and I in a strong voice that we were just going to look, not take one home!  'So don't you two (my father & I) start saying you want one!'  Bwahahahaha!!!  That was funny because she was the one who loved that Robbie boy and we took him home that day.  I was sooooo happy to have a new puppy.  I was maybe 13 or 14 & I think I held that puppy the whole way home.  We signed him up for obedience classes and he didn't so well.  You see, we didn't know about the Scottie's, ahem, uh, independence streak.  Yes, that's it, independence streak.  There was a lot of correcting going on and we all tried our hand at handling Robbie.  My father took over the handling and Robbie came along, graduated and he even graduated from the Companion Dog class too.  My parents were troopers with him.  They worked hard to teach him.  We hadn't had a boy dog in a long time so we weren't used to all of his extra energy either.  He LOVED to dig.  I mean that boy dug so many holes in the back yard!  Huge holes!  Being a fantastic gardener, with amazing flowers, my mother didn't like that but he learned... eventually.
Me and Robbie (remember it was the late 80s so you must forgive the hair, etc)
When I showed Husband this picture and told him that was our dog Robbie, he said, 'Who names a dog Robbie?' in a tone that made me want to slap him.  I told him Robbie was a Scottie who needed a Scottish name.  'Oh,' he said.  I remember when I brought Robbie with me to deliver my papers on my paper route and our Scottish (from Scotland) neighbors were delighted to see a Scottie and commented that his was name was like Robbie the Glasgow Glutton.  See, we knew...

Misty came along about 3 or 4 years later.  She was a brindle girl.  Did I mention that Robbie was all black?  Anyway... I remember when we picked her up too.  She was close by home and she quickly became the queen the of the house.  And Robbie loved her.  He loved her so much that he would gladly move to the 'other' pillow when Misty wanted to lay down.  There were always two pillows right next to each other on the floor next to where my mother sits.  All Misty had to do was give him the look and he'd move over.  My mother also took Misty to school and she did really well.  I mean really!  She even got her CDX and went on to agility training.  She could pick up the only dumbbell with my mother's scent on it out of a whole bunch!  She used to get nervous in the ring.  Poor Misty, I wonder what bugged her about that.  Anyway, when Robbie & Misty went out in the yard, Misty would bolt out the door first, then stop at the top of the deck stairs, turn and wait for Robbie.  Then down into the yard they'd go and bark for all the neighbors to know they were out and ferocious.  These two had a special bond. 

Well, you know the years passed and the dogs got older.  Poor Robbie started to have seizures and bloody noses.  The vet didn't know why and he was 13 years old and it would cost thousands of dollars to find out.  My parents never had that kind of money.  After many months of his seizures and bloody noses he went to the vet and over the rainbow bridge.  We all cried.  A lot.  My dad buried him in the back yard along with a number of other assorted pets that passed away over the years.  My dad always said that when he mowed that patch of grass he always said, "Hi Robbie!"  It's the life cycle, but who likes it?  I sure don't.

Perhaps the saddest part was when Misty would run out the back door to go out.  She would run out hard as she could, stop at the top of the steps and turn and wait for Robbie who wasn't there.  Ugh... she had to be told to go down the steps, go, go it's ok, go.  Sigh....  I think she began to have separation anxiety too.  I seem to recall her chewing a hole in the wall.  That's right, right through the drywall.  I also remember a folding chair being put up on the living room chair so couldn't jump on it and then on a table by the window, thus destroying a lot of things in her path.  This is why I say Scotties are smart.  They may cause damage BUT it is only due to their sheer ingenuity to figure something out or to get someplace.  Misty's time came to go over the rainbow bridge in a rapid fashion.  She got a cold of sorts that lasted about a week.  She was 15. She was my mother's dog.  She'd do anything for my mother and my mother loved her to no end.  Very, very sad.
Me & Misty
I loved those dogs.  I loved all of our dogs.  However, those two, along with my mother's enthusiasm have instilled the love of the Scottie dog even though I don't have one.  And... finding all these lovely Scottie blogs has brought it to the forefront.

Someday I will have a Scottie - a rescue for sure.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dog Baby

I offer these photos of Mr. Fox sleeping in my lap without further comment.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Figured it Out!!

Oh My Dawg!  I finally figured out what kind of terrier Scruffy is.  I was trolling the local shelter websites, not that I'm getting another dog, but I look at the babies there every now and then.  On one of them I saw a Scruffy dog, like my Scruffy Girl and it said that dog was believed to be a Dandie Dinnmont Terrier.  Here's a pic of them in a non groomed state:

I have been wondering about her long body and poof on the head and here we have it - part of the breed.  And guess what all my Scottie friends?  This breed is of Scottish origin!  How cool is that?!

My Sweet Scruffy Doodles.  
 Of course, I am not sure if Scruffy is a pure breed but I don't care.  I saved her life and gave her a good home with Nutjob Mr. Fox and two cats to chase and lots of bones and toys and hugs and rubs and love.  I have a feeling she is mixed with something else but I think the biggie is the Dandie.  I love her so much!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nighttime Walk

I went to go pick up Tyger from his after school club and even though it was only 5:30pm, it was dark!  I usually walk the dogs to go get him but it was cold and dark so we drove over to the school and went for a little walk over there. 

We made our way to the playground and I decided to let their leashes go.  You're not supposed to do this but my babies need to run sometimes, so I broke the rule.  I never break rules.  When I came home and told Husband, he said, "YOU broke the rule?!"  He enjoyed that!

We're free!

Pee Mail!

Oh the smells!
One thing's for sure, that reflective leash sure works.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Lap Full

Of animals!  I love my pups and kitties and they love me!  Love is good.  John Lennon said All You Need Is Love... 

My lap with Scruffy at the bottom and Mr. Fox in his usual baby position.

That big black fur ball I'm hugging is Shaggy, the 20lb cat.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Trash Dog

Remember when I told you about my trash cat, Shaggy?  If not click the link.  Anyhow, Mr. Fox has always been a trash lover himself but he's getting out of hand.  He's amassed a pile in Husband's office.  He is a very well-fed dog who gets plenty of treats yet he's still looking for food.

Fox & Scruffy eat off of paper plates.  He even drags those in the office.  Really. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oye Vey

I see Fox and Scruffy updated you all in my absence.  Thank goodness those dogs can take over.  Whew!

Last week I had an endoscopy to see why I've been nauseous for almost three months.  Husband kept saying he thought I had an ulcer.  He was almost right.  I have a bunch of 'small erosions' that are akin to those canker sores you may get in your mouth.  Yikes.  No tomato sauce, no garlic, nothing acidic.  This is not good for a fat girl who likes wine and chocolate among other things.

Yes, that's the inside of my stomach.  Isn't it cool? See those white spots?  Those are the small erosions.  I have new medicine.  It hasn't taken effect yet :/
On the day of the test I rushed home to meet Husband who was my driver and I see that the bed is sans sheets.  I inquire...  He tells me some dog s*&% pooped in the bed, under the covers, the night before as we slept.  Ewwwww!!!!!  It was on his side - thank God!  I call this karma because Husband is the one who lets the dogs lick everything off his dinner plate.  Double ewwwww!  I tell him not to do this because it will upset their stomachs but he doesn't listen.  Upon further explanation, I found out it was more of a wet fart than a big poo.  Triple ewwwww!

Really dogs?  Really?  Pooping in the bed?  We have a dog door you know. Please NEVER do this again BUT thank you for doing this on Daddy's side!

Needless to say, we came home from the test and the bed still needed a sheet.  I put one on in my stupor.  Apparently, I texted my mother and don't remember it.  I am not sure how I managed to get a sheet on the bed in that state.  Thankfully, the sleep was good and my doggies kept me company all curled up among my legs.

We are all getting back to being our so called normal selves. 
Mr. Fox has resumed his usual position on my lap now that I'm back in action, so to speak.

It's hard to believe those cute, curly tailed butts could do such, uh, harm.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Mom has been feeling Blech so we decided to take over the blog.  Mom's OK.  She says she has something called agita and maybe an ulcer - the doctor is going to look in her belly on Thursday to see for sure.  This means lots of cuddling up with her while she sleeps after that test.  Here's some pics to show you what we've been doing.

Scruffy looked pretty, as usual.

Dad had a birthday...

and Mr. Fox went nuts when everyone sang.
Mom put Tyger's old life vest on Foxy & he seemed to hate love the pool.

Tyger swam in the pool and Fox had to sit on Mom's lap due his nutjob behavior around the pool.  

Really... What's the big deal?

OH!  Jumping in the pool - that's the big deal!

Dad tried to calm him down...
Do you think it worked?
We took afternoon naps with Dad.
Mom worked on the new Gettysburg cross stitch since Scruffy pooped on soiled the old one.
Dad gave Scooby a fur cut to get rid of the knots in his fur.  We feel for him-it's not flattering.  He hides under the bed even when we don't chase him.
We played Legos with Tyger.

Mom sure is comfy to lay on.
Wow, there are a lot of toys in this room.  Hmmm, what can WE play with?
Mom kept taking pictures...
After all that playing we needed a nap.
Fox stole an empty yogurt cup that Mom someone forgot to throw in the trash.
Not looking so guilty anymore - he licked that clean.
Then Dad left his empty yogurt cup on the coffee table - yum.
Foxy loves Mommy so much he lays around her neck if her lap is full of Scruffy.
Is this a problem you Mom?
I know I'm comfortable - who cares if she is.
We have also been feeling sad...
because our furiend Kenzie went over the rainbow bridge.  We can't visit Kyla's blog without getting tears in our eyes. 

 Love Mr. Fox & Scruffy

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Tenth

The last weekend of July, Husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  We had a lovely time visiting our dear friends in Temecula, CA.  We stayed in their pool house and T stayed in what I call the big house.  We swam, we loafed, we ate, we drank, we had a most lovely time and if it weren't for our dear friends we wouldn't have had this wonderful experience.  Thank you so much!

I don't think Fox & Scruffy had as wonderful a time.  When we left on that Friday afternoon, the dogs looked so sad.  I said to Husband, 'Is it me or do they look sad?'  Sap that he is, said, 'They look sad, hurry up and shut the door.'  It was the first time we left them overnight.

My dear brother-in-law came to take care of the dogs and cats.  Apparently he has a soft heart for the furry critters too.  He gave the cats their food and they ate.  He gave the dogs their food and being depressed because we weren't home, they didn't eat.  So he found some left over Kentucky Fried Chicken in the fridge (which we didn't even like) and gave it to the dogs.  They were so happy and ate it all!  The next day, the same thing happened and the dogs wouldn't eat so you know we he did?  He went and bought them more KFC.  How sweet is that?  What a kind gesture!  However, this taught us a little lesson.  KFC and dog bellies don't agree.  Especially Scruffy's delicate belly.  Oye vey....  There was doggarhea... on the floor, on the couch, in the closet and most horribly, on a picture I was cross stitching for my brother that had to be tossed out.  I've already started on a new one.
I had this in a bag on the floor with all the thread and... it got bombed - thread and all.  Yuk.  As Husband would say, now we have a good story to tell.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bond

When we got Ginger in December she was very scared but Mr. Fox brought her out of her shell and those two became very close very fast.  They had a bond that was just innately there.
Ginger & Fox

After the bad thing happened (read here if you don't know) and Ginger went over the Rainbow Bridge, we got our Scruffy but the bond between her and Mr. Fox just wasn't the same.  I underestimated dogs in thinking it would be.  I mean do humans have the same exact bond with everyone that they have with that one special person?  Certainly not.  Needless to say, I was happy when Fox & Scruffy got snuggly the other night.  Usually Scruffy backs out of these situations and/or growls at Foxy before they even get started.  The other night she enjoyed this and has been more cuddly with Mr. Fox since.   I snapped these pics with my phone.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fox Farts

Somebody help me!  Help us all, Please!  We need gas masks as Mr. Fox is killing us with his farts!  I am not kidding when I say he stinks up any room he's in.  OMD. 

Ugh... I don't feel so good.
Yesterday, my poor boy didn't seem to feel well.  He had the heaves and threw up a little brown liquid.  He also had a little doggarhea.  I told husband when he came home but I guess he didn't hear me because he came out of office holding Mr. Fox like his baby and said 'He doesn't feel good, he was heaving.'  I said, 'I know, I already told you that.'  What is it with the male ears?  I digress... 

Anyway... The conversation continued like this:
Me:              Poor dog, I hope he's ok.
Husband:     Me too.
Me:              I wonder what's wrong.
Husband:     He probably ate something bad.  You know he'd eat cow s&^% if it was put in front of him.
Me:              Honey!  Maybe he needs the vet.
Husband:     No he doesn't.  Trust me.

Immediately following this conversation Fox ate a rubber band.  All the while we are both yelling, 'FOX, NO, NO, DROP IT!!!  DROOOOPPPP ITTTT!!!  BAD DOG, BAD DOG!' To no avail.  That baby was gone in a flash.  Now I am waiting for it on the other end and praying it doesn't twist around something inside his crazy ass little body.  We still haven't paid off the eye removal :/ 

Perhaps this is the source of the gas. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

You Gotta Be In It To Win It

Guess what?  We are in the blogville olympics!!!!  Yes.  We.  Are!  We are going to run a few races and Scooby and Shaggy might just be kittie judges!  How about that!  How exciting!  People read us!  OH.  MY.  DAWD!!!  Ok, we knew people read but this is really exciting!

We are going to be champs in the olympics.  You will see.  Mr. Fox is already practicing by doing laps around the pool.
Go Man Go!!!!
You Can't Catch Me!!!

You can see the events we are entered in at the link below to Susie & Sidebite's Blog