Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oye Vey

I see Fox and Scruffy updated you all in my absence.  Thank goodness those dogs can take over.  Whew!

Last week I had an endoscopy to see why I've been nauseous for almost three months.  Husband kept saying he thought I had an ulcer.  He was almost right.  I have a bunch of 'small erosions' that are akin to those canker sores you may get in your mouth.  Yikes.  No tomato sauce, no garlic, nothing acidic.  This is not good for a fat girl who likes wine and chocolate among other things.

Yes, that's the inside of my stomach.  Isn't it cool? See those white spots?  Those are the small erosions.  I have new medicine.  It hasn't taken effect yet :/
On the day of the test I rushed home to meet Husband who was my driver and I see that the bed is sans sheets.  I inquire...  He tells me some dog s*&% pooped in the bed, under the covers, the night before as we slept.  Ewwwww!!!!!  It was on his side - thank God!  I call this karma because Husband is the one who lets the dogs lick everything off his dinner plate.  Double ewwwww!  I tell him not to do this because it will upset their stomachs but he doesn't listen.  Upon further explanation, I found out it was more of a wet fart than a big poo.  Triple ewwwww!

Really dogs?  Really?  Pooping in the bed?  We have a dog door you know. Please NEVER do this again BUT thank you for doing this on Daddy's side!

Needless to say, we came home from the test and the bed still needed a sheet.  I put one on in my stupor.  Apparently, I texted my mother and don't remember it.  I am not sure how I managed to get a sheet on the bed in that state.  Thankfully, the sleep was good and my doggies kept me company all curled up among my legs.

We are all getting back to being our so called normal selves. 
Mr. Fox has resumed his usual position on my lap now that I'm back in action, so to speak.

It's hard to believe those cute, curly tailed butts could do such, uh, harm.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Mom has been feeling Blech so we decided to take over the blog.  Mom's OK.  She says she has something called agita and maybe an ulcer - the doctor is going to look in her belly on Thursday to see for sure.  This means lots of cuddling up with her while she sleeps after that test.  Here's some pics to show you what we've been doing.

Scruffy looked pretty, as usual.

Dad had a birthday...

and Mr. Fox went nuts when everyone sang.
Mom put Tyger's old life vest on Foxy & he seemed to hate love the pool.

Tyger swam in the pool and Fox had to sit on Mom's lap due his nutjob behavior around the pool.  

Really... What's the big deal?

OH!  Jumping in the pool - that's the big deal!

Dad tried to calm him down...
Do you think it worked?
We took afternoon naps with Dad.
Mom worked on the new Gettysburg cross stitch since Scruffy pooped on soiled the old one.
Dad gave Scooby a fur cut to get rid of the knots in his fur.  We feel for him-it's not flattering.  He hides under the bed even when we don't chase him.
We played Legos with Tyger.

Mom sure is comfy to lay on.
Wow, there are a lot of toys in this room.  Hmmm, what can WE play with?
Mom kept taking pictures...
After all that playing we needed a nap.
Fox stole an empty yogurt cup that Mom someone forgot to throw in the trash.
Not looking so guilty anymore - he licked that clean.
Then Dad left his empty yogurt cup on the coffee table - yum.
Foxy loves Mommy so much he lays around her neck if her lap is full of Scruffy.
Is this a problem you Mom?
I know I'm comfortable - who cares if she is.
We have also been feeling sad...
because our furiend Kenzie went over the rainbow bridge.  We can't visit Kyla's blog without getting tears in our eyes. 

 Love Mr. Fox & Scruffy