Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guessing Game

Hi All!  Scruffiana Scruffington here.  I know Mom & Dad call me Scruffy but I feel this name is just not girly enough so I have taken liberties with it.  I also figured that since Ariana Huffington is so pretty and also is a blogger/journalist I would just make it work for me.  What'dya think?

Look at my big ears, my one floppy one, (the other flops too sometimes), look at my soulful black eyes... Sigh...

Anyway... I was wondering... What breed to do you all think I am?  My mom asks me A LOT.  She says I am sooo cute.  Well, I knew that.  And she says I have little eyebrows too.  Yesterday she was looking up pictures of Wheaten Terriers on Google and some of them had faces like me.  I am very short though and only ten pounds but I am ALL terrier on the inside.  Don't mess with me because Mom says I can kick some Jersey @$$!  Oh my!  I didn't mean to let that slip out!  So sorry!  Mom's from NJ you know so... well... enough said!  Back to my breed(s) - poor Mom doesn't know what I am and just wants to know what kind of terrier I have in me along with anything else AND she finds those tiny eyebrows intriguing - Scottie, Schnauzer, Wheaten????  When Mom has some extra money she wants to get one of those doggie DNA test kits to find out what breeds Mr. Fox and I are made of.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy 8th Birthday to my little T man!!  

We love you big brudther!  Even if you do pick us up in crazy ways, we know how much you love us! 
We sure love you too!
Mr. Fox & Scruffy
Scooby & Shaggy too!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sock

Who doesn’t love a good sock?  I know I have trouble finding good fitting socks.  I have small, wide Fred Flintstone type feet so most socks are too long for me and the heel is usually coming up out of the back of the shoe.  I usually just buy your run of the mill sock from Target but I went and bought some nice new workout shoes and found these lovely synthetic socks and perfectly fitting as well…  Ahhh…. but who cares about that?  This is a dog blog right?  

I protect these socks dearly because if I don’t they become dog toys.  Two pairs have already been eaten.  Since they are pricey, I am protecting my last pair until I buy more.  This sock toy business is partly my fault, ok, maybe all my fault; but when I saw Mr. Fox and Scruffy playing tug of war with a sock I took one that had no match, tied a knot in it and gave it to the dogs to play with.  Now, they steal the socks from the laundry. Look at cute they are!

Mr. Fox: "I want that sock RIGHT NOOOOOWWWWW!!!!"

Scruffy: "Just you try and get it from me! Muahahaha!"
Scruffy:  "Who is he kidding?  I am as cute as they come and I will not give it up without a fight!"
TUG O' WAR!!!!!!

Hey, pups, I read something on a dog breed info website and I want to know if it's true.  Can the Scotties please tell me?  The website said one should never play tug o war with a Scottie because they can 'challenge family members who have not established leadership over them.'  What do you think?  I grew up with two great Scots and I recall them being very playful and loving dogs.  I don't know if we ever played tug o war or not but someday, when I'm under my 4 small animal limit again, I'd love to rescue a little Scottie so I am curious.  Hope you all have a lovely day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Toy

I don’t know what happens to dog toys in your house, but around here they don’t last very long, especially the ones that have any kind of squeaker on the inside.  Mr. Fox will squeak that squeaker until it won’t squeak anymore and then he will tear up the toy until he gets the squeaker out.  Once he’s accomplished this task, he chews the squeaker up, eats as much of it as he can until we confiscate it and then eats as much of the toy as he can until we confiscate that too. View said evidence below:

Incidentally, this is one of the toys I bought Foxy when we first got him a year ago.  It is one of the very few that has stood the test of time with this pup.  The other great toy and a true favorite of all three of the dogs is the Bouncy Bone.  The ends come off and you can put fresh treats on the end, when they are gone your pooch can gnaw on the nylon bone ends.  Plus you can throw it and it bounces along making for some funny doggy maneuvers while they are chasing it.  I currently don’t know where this toy is, which means it is probably buried in one of the flowerbeds.  I know this because when Ginger arrived, I hadn’t seen that toy in a while and being the digging terrier she was, she dug that thing up and was playing with all full of dirt.  All the while Mr. Fox sat in front of her and made these howling like yowling sounds mixed with yips and barks and giving me the sad eye, hoping I would take it from Ginger and give it to him!  This is the  Bouncy Bone.  I must go buy another.

Friday, May 18, 2012


We made friends with some of the doggies on our daily walk!

This is Harley-he’s the Rat Terrier on the right.  Cooper is the Shitzu Mix that Mr. Fox is sniffing.  You don’t see Scruffy because she’s hiding between my legs.  

We have been walking past this house since the first day Foxy came home.  Harley’s peep didn’t have a dog then and he said he used to look out the window at me and say, “Boy, she’s got her hands full with that one!”  This makes me feel a bit redeemed as I’ve been saying my poor, issue laden Foxy has been nutso on the walk.  At least I know it’s not all in my head!  Harley’s Dad said he didn’t know what possessed him to go to the shelter and get a dog but a few months after Mr. Fox & I started our walks Harley appeared.  He is a really cute dog.  He hasn’t let me pet him yet and I’m a little worried Foxy is being too pushy. 

All that being said, I took a chance and let both dogs off their leashes to play with Harley and Cooper and… no one ran away!!!  Yippee!  I was a little worried given the yard escaping incident back in January but I kept calling both dogs and they came right away.  They also both stayed on Harley’s front lawn and didn’t run onto the sidewalk or street.  This is amazing progress for my boy.  Oh, how I wish I had video of how uncontrollable he was so I could show the comparison to now…  Mr. Fox has come such a long way and I have to say, I feel proud of myself for helping get him to this point. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Baby

No, not my T.  Although he will be my baby until he's 100 and I'm well, very old.  My Foxy is my baby too.  He loves a good snuggle on me like nobody's business.  Every night he is on me and his favorite position is flopped on his back getting his belly rubbed.  He can't do this if I'm on the computer or crocheting but he tries to butt my hands out of the way with his nose.  This is how we spend many nights.

I need this fur ball cuddle these days since my little cuddle bug boy isn't so much into cuddling anymore.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walk-Induced Psychosis

Oh that crazy Fox...  You have heard me talk about how he is a crazy ass on the leash.  I'm sorry for the word choice but, you know, there is just no other way to describe him!  Plus, I am from New Jersey and we are a colorful people.

It seems that any time I take Mr. Fox out on a walk he loses all control.  He can be laying on me like a baby in the house, but the minute I get up and put my shoes on and say "Want to go get T?" he goes nuts.  Running in circles, barking, yiping, jumping, barking, you get the picture.  It's kind of cute, but it makes it difficult to get the leash on him. I will say, we have come a very long way in a year.  When Mr. Fox arrived, we could not and I mean not get the leash on him without holding him very tightly.  The ensuing walk was horrendous.  There was the attacking of everything and thankfully we are beyond that point.

Mr. Fox charges out the gate but there is something up on the electrical wire that creates the psychosis.  I mean he goes nuts at this piece of wood or who-knows-what on the electrical wire just outside the front gate.  His nutjobness sets off the two pitbulls in my nice neighbor's house and there is then an excessive amount of barking.  I tried the Dog Whisperer trick of standing there and letting him bark it out but I have these other not so nice neighbors that I am afraid are going to call the police on me so onward I go telling Mr. Fox to 'be quiet' or 'be a nice dog'.  Scruffy meanwhile just walks along nicely and gives it to Fox if he gets in her way.  Once again, she's a terrier.  I'm beginning to wonder if they are not truly a superior breed!  I joke about this but I hate to admit, I do favor terriers, what can I say?  I am human after all.  That being said, you know how much that little Chihuahua nutjob has won my heart.  But I digress...
That Which Causes Psychosis

The psychosis continues on down the block as I have these unpleasant neighbors and one of them assaulted my husband in front of Mr. Fox and T last year.  That is a long story and I don't want to ruin my blog with negativity...  So, Mr. Fox, I think remembers this or something because until we round the corner he does not calm down.  Until...  we pass the next telephone pole with large bushes around it where he proceeds to go nuts wanting to get under the bushes to see if there is a critter he can eat.  I'm pulling and correcting all the way.  We round the next corner without incident and make it to T's school and he's ok for the most part.  We get T and walk back home and of course he goes psycho at the same two spots all over again.  When I scold him, he looks at me with that one eye... uh... it's cute and comical all that same time.

I just love this little doggy.  He is so special in so many ways and provides us with wonderfully interesting tales to tell.  I will leave you with this bit of cuteness.

True Love