Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Tenth

The last weekend of July, Husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  We had a lovely time visiting our dear friends in Temecula, CA.  We stayed in their pool house and T stayed in what I call the big house.  We swam, we loafed, we ate, we drank, we had a most lovely time and if it weren't for our dear friends we wouldn't have had this wonderful experience.  Thank you so much!

I don't think Fox & Scruffy had as wonderful a time.  When we left on that Friday afternoon, the dogs looked so sad.  I said to Husband, 'Is it me or do they look sad?'  Sap that he is, said, 'They look sad, hurry up and shut the door.'  It was the first time we left them overnight.

My dear brother-in-law came to take care of the dogs and cats.  Apparently he has a soft heart for the furry critters too.  He gave the cats their food and they ate.  He gave the dogs their food and being depressed because we weren't home, they didn't eat.  So he found some left over Kentucky Fried Chicken in the fridge (which we didn't even like) and gave it to the dogs.  They were so happy and ate it all!  The next day, the same thing happened and the dogs wouldn't eat so you know we he did?  He went and bought them more KFC.  How sweet is that?  What a kind gesture!  However, this taught us a little lesson.  KFC and dog bellies don't agree.  Especially Scruffy's delicate belly.  Oye vey....  There was doggarhea... on the floor, on the couch, in the closet and most horribly, on a picture I was cross stitching for my brother that had to be tossed out.  I've already started on a new one.
I had this in a bag on the floor with all the thread and... it got bombed - thread and all.  Yuk.  As Husband would say, now we have a good story to tell.