Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bond

When we got Ginger in December she was very scared but Mr. Fox brought her out of her shell and those two became very close very fast.  They had a bond that was just innately there.
Ginger & Fox

After the bad thing happened (read here if you don't know) and Ginger went over the Rainbow Bridge, we got our Scruffy but the bond between her and Mr. Fox just wasn't the same.  I underestimated dogs in thinking it would be.  I mean do humans have the same exact bond with everyone that they have with that one special person?  Certainly not.  Needless to say, I was happy when Fox & Scruffy got snuggly the other night.  Usually Scruffy backs out of these situations and/or growls at Foxy before they even get started.  The other night she enjoyed this and has been more cuddly with Mr. Fox since.   I snapped these pics with my phone.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fox Farts

Somebody help me!  Help us all, Please!  We need gas masks as Mr. Fox is killing us with his farts!  I am not kidding when I say he stinks up any room he's in.  OMD. 

Ugh... I don't feel so good.
Yesterday, my poor boy didn't seem to feel well.  He had the heaves and threw up a little brown liquid.  He also had a little doggarhea.  I told husband when he came home but I guess he didn't hear me because he came out of office holding Mr. Fox like his baby and said 'He doesn't feel good, he was heaving.'  I said, 'I know, I already told you that.'  What is it with the male ears?  I digress... 

Anyway... The conversation continued like this:
Me:              Poor dog, I hope he's ok.
Husband:     Me too.
Me:              I wonder what's wrong.
Husband:     He probably ate something bad.  You know he'd eat cow s&^% if it was put in front of him.
Me:              Honey!  Maybe he needs the vet.
Husband:     No he doesn't.  Trust me.

Immediately following this conversation Fox ate a rubber band.  All the while we are both yelling, 'FOX, NO, NO, DROP IT!!!  DROOOOPPPP ITTTT!!!  BAD DOG, BAD DOG!' To no avail.  That baby was gone in a flash.  Now I am waiting for it on the other end and praying it doesn't twist around something inside his crazy ass little body.  We still haven't paid off the eye removal :/ 

Perhaps this is the source of the gas. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

You Gotta Be In It To Win It

Guess what?  We are in the blogville olympics!!!!  Yes.  We.  Are!  We are going to run a few races and Scooby and Shaggy might just be kittie judges!  How about that!  How exciting!  People read us!  OH.  MY.  DAWD!!!  Ok, we knew people read but this is really exciting!

We are going to be champs in the olympics.  You will see.  Mr. Fox is already practicing by doing laps around the pool.
Go Man Go!!!!
You Can't Catch Me!!!

You can see the events we are entered in at the link below to Susie & Sidebite's Blog

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh No You Won't!

Get this toy from me!!!  My dainty little rabbit paw is just enough to hold this thing down.  I am one tough cookie and there is nothing better than a good game of tug o war.  When Foxy comes over to get this from me, I am going to growl and act like he can't have it, but secretly I will enjoy the game and then eventually I will growl so seriously he will just let go - HA!  He's such a gentleman.

Aren't I photogenic?  I mean just look at me and all my cuteness!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We had a visitor a few weeks back.  He's come around before and graced us with his stench. 

 Notice Shaggy laying on the chair nonchalantly watching Mr. Skunky Poo.
I love that cat!
This guy came right up to the sliding door in the back yard.

How do you think my terrier reacted???  Well, Like a true terrier, I say!  She was ready to kill it!  If only I'd have let out.
I'm going to KILL IT!!!!

Wouldn't it be nice if that were all that happened?  Why yes, yes, it would indeed!  However, Mr. Skunky Poo came back again another night, only this time we didn't see him in time close the dog door.... and Scruffy ran out there in true terrier style ready to take him on!  And she was promptly sprayed... in the face...  I knew it happened as soon as I heard husband wake from a slumber and yell, "NOOO!"  He grabbed Scruffy and I took her and started giving her a bath which she hates and makes her tremble.  I used all the proper ingredients, baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, water, dawn soap.  Do you know that damn dog still smells!!  I have since given her three more baths, and even bought the $13 Deskunking shampoo and she has that smell on her snout and cheeks a little.  I can not wash her again.  It is too traumatic for her.  Husband was rinsing dishes and she began to tremble thinking she was getting another bath.  Poor thing.  The funny thing is, when Fox got skunked, twice mind you, we gave him one bath at the time and then another a week later using lavender baby soap and he was desmellified.  I know, that's not a word, but it is now! 

When Mr. Fox came in from his skunking and rolled his stinky body all over the bed we were sleeping in which actually made this skunking a bit easier because Scruffy didn't have a chance to jump on the bed.  

You know what else?  That darn skunk wouldn't leave.  He stayed.  Husband has a deskunking ritual of going outside (in his underwear) and hosing down the whole outside of the house so the stench doesn't linger.  He went out and the skunk was still there, just hangin' around and didn't care about the water.  Needless to say, there was no outdoor cleaning.  

We don't get a lot of sleep around here.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Major Progress

T and I went to the baseball field behind the school today so he could fly his kite that he got from his uncle yesterday.  Of course we took Mr. Fox & Scruffy and I decided to let them off the leash and run, really run.  This is a very big deal and major, major progress for Mr. Fox because he was a runner, always trying to escape, when we first got him.  I would have never attempted this a year or so ago.  He and Scruffy ran and chased the kite and T and me and lots of different smells in the field.  Every time I called him and Scruffy back, they came.  

Look at how pretty Ms. Scruffy is running!  I love the way the wind blows her half floppy ears and her fur.  She got a tiny burr in her beard I had to cut out when we came home.  She didn't like that but she tolerated it. There was a good deal of napping done after some serious water drinking.  I think I may need one of those collapsible water bowls to bring along. 

All on a lovely day to fly a kite!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Random Thoughts

It's been a while since I've posted.  Here are a few things that have been on my mind.

The last week at work with those 4th graders was ROUGH to say the least.  I came home a few times and laid on the bed and nearly cried.  You know who came around and made me feel better?  Not Mr. Fox.  Not Scruffy.  Not even, Shaggy, the best cat.  It was Scooby.  Scooby, the total scaredy cat, came out from under the bed to lay with me and purr while I petted his silky fur.  Oh, Scooby, you touched me so!  Cats are magical - my dear friend who told me this is right.

Mr. Fox & Scruffy have different barks.  Why I realize these things, I do not know.  But... they do.  Mr. Fox has more of an arffy woof and Scruffy has more of a ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff in quick succession - they come out fast, those little barks of hers!

Speaking of Scruffy... When we got her after, you know, the tragedy, I didn't think I could really fall in love with her like Ginger.  By oh my, has she won my heart.  I am so in love with that little dog!  So is Husband and T too.  We seem to treat her a little more delicately because she seems like a little Diva dog who acts all tough on the outside but is really a delicate, pretty pup. 

When Husband comes home, Scruffy sits at the window wagging and barking and crying because she is sooooo happy her Daddy is home.  It is just the cutest thing to see.

The dog walking suffered along with the blog updating during the last weeks of work so we've gotten back into a daily routine since being home for the summer.  I really can't stand walking with two leashes in my hand because one dog goes one way and the other dog goes another.  Usually it's Mr. Fox who wants to go everywhere all at once.  Plus the side of my hand gets a rub burn on it from Mr. Fox's leash and all the redirecting.  Due to all the redirecting, I got him a pinch collar.  I didn't feel so good about it but it works to a degree and I put it on my arm and pulled and it wasn't as bad as I thought.  Next, I decided to get a coupler and a retractable leash.  This has proved both comical and easy for me.  He still goes his own way but pulls her with him.  Scruffy, having noticed this, started pulling him along in her direction.  They are figuring it out.  Yippee! 
My dogs have cute butts!
Scruffy says, "Here he goes again, with all that pee mail... Sigh."

Well there's lots more to say but I will leave it at that for now and post more of the exciting events that occurred later on.