Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Figured it Out!!

Oh My Dawg!  I finally figured out what kind of terrier Scruffy is.  I was trolling the local shelter websites, not that I'm getting another dog, but I look at the babies there every now and then.  On one of them I saw a Scruffy dog, like my Scruffy Girl and it said that dog was believed to be a Dandie Dinnmont Terrier.  Here's a pic of them in a non groomed state:

I have been wondering about her long body and poof on the head and here we have it - part of the breed.  And guess what all my Scottie friends?  This breed is of Scottish origin!  How cool is that?!

My Sweet Scruffy Doodles.  
 Of course, I am not sure if Scruffy is a pure breed but I don't care.  I saved her life and gave her a good home with Nutjob Mr. Fox and two cats to chase and lots of bones and toys and hugs and rubs and love.  I have a feeling she is mixed with something else but I think the biggie is the Dandie.  I love her so much!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nighttime Walk

I went to go pick up Tyger from his after school club and even though it was only 5:30pm, it was dark!  I usually walk the dogs to go get him but it was cold and dark so we drove over to the school and went for a little walk over there. 

We made our way to the playground and I decided to let their leashes go.  You're not supposed to do this but my babies need to run sometimes, so I broke the rule.  I never break rules.  When I came home and told Husband, he said, "YOU broke the rule?!"  He enjoyed that!

We're free!

Pee Mail!

Oh the smells!
One thing's for sure, that reflective leash sure works.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Lap Full

Of animals!  I love my pups and kitties and they love me!  Love is good.  John Lennon said All You Need Is Love... 

My lap with Scruffy at the bottom and Mr. Fox in his usual baby position.

That big black fur ball I'm hugging is Shaggy, the 20lb cat.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Trash Dog

Remember when I told you about my trash cat, Shaggy?  If not click the link.  Anyhow, Mr. Fox has always been a trash lover himself but he's getting out of hand.  He's amassed a pile in Husband's office.  He is a very well-fed dog who gets plenty of treats yet he's still looking for food.

Fox & Scruffy eat off of paper plates.  He even drags those in the office.  Really.