Friday, July 12, 2013

I Spy a Scottie

Since Kyla was just getting started looking at all my mother's Scottie's, I spied some more. 

That's me ad my mom on my wedding day. Oh and some Scottie's. 

Phew.... That's a lot of Scotties. Do your peeps have that many Scottie's?  Or more?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mom the Dog Lover

A true dog lover my mother is; so much so she keeps dog cookies on her kitchen table and she doesn't even have a dog. She keeps the cookies for the dog who lives behind her.  Now she says that doggy tries to jump the fence to see her. I'm not surprised because even though she has dog cookies she is also the best person. Everyone loves her. She's also the original Scottie lover in this house and she has lots of Scottie stuff. See... Here's some of it. 

There's more but I'll spare you. PS I just figured it how to blog from my iPhone. Oh Boy. Hope you all had a good fourth and the Aussies aren't too cold with their winter yet. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I put the pups in the pool the other day.  They weren't too happy.  Well, Mr. Fox accepted it and swam like a little otter and looked adorable.  Scruffy... not so much.  Her little paws splashed in the water and she was very unhappy.  Poor thing is not a graceful swimmer. 

As soon as Scruffy got out of the pool she ran to the husband and jumped in his lap.  She wasn't having any part of me since I'm the one that put her in.  Poor girl.  I just want her to know how to get out in case she falls in.