Thursday, June 27, 2013


Look at this.... That's a cookie in Mr. Fox's mouth.

Here's ANOTHER cookie on the floor.
Now they BOTH felt they had to have SAME cookie - the one Mr. Fox had.  I guess it's too difficult to get the abandoned cookie from the floor? 
After Fox ate that cookie I gave Scruffy the one from the floor and this is what she did.
OMD!!! Are you kidding me???
By the way, these two were given those cookies by the husband first thing in the morning and I took these pictures at four in the afternoon.  I watched Fox in the morning taunt Scruffy with the cookie in his mouth, rubbing it on her face and trying to get her to take it.  She'd get it and then growl ferociously if he came near.  Then somehow he'd get it back and they'd do all again.  I couldn't believe they still had these things after I'd been out all day.  Do you know what this means??  I will tell you what this means.  It means I have spoiled dogs!!  So spoiled with treats that they don't think they need to eat them right away!  I mean, when someone puts cookies in front of me, I eat them.  All.  Quickly.  In 5 seconds, not 5 hours.


  1. Nothing edible lasts that long around here! If you hesitate some other dog takes it. Can't believe they didn't eat the cookies straight away.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  2. Three nanoseconds here and there's be no cookies left.

  3. My dear Aussie and Arizonian furiends, I know what you mean. Never in all my dog owning days have I seen anything like this. Nuts!